Conversations with Candidates: Tom Miller

I was able to speak with current attorney general Tom Miller.Miller says his office has spent the last four of his 32 years in office focusing on minorities more and litigating cases they normally would not in the past, resulting in more money being returned to Iowans. Miller says he agrees with Gregg that age is not going to be an issue in this election. "Iowans judge people on their abilities rather than their age," said Miller. But, not surprisingly, he and Gregg strongly disagree on the Affordable Care Act. Governor Terry Branstad filed briefs against the ACA while Miller filed briefs in favor of its Constitutionality. "I think Iowans and everybody in the country are better off now than they were before. Millions and hundreds of thousands if not millions, Hundreds of thousands in Iowa, are getting coverage that didn't have before. There's a lot of problems to be worked through but we're much better off having it than not having it," said Miller. Miller says he's coming off a strong term and he plans to do even more in the next four years. "We brought the case against Virtue, the membership buying club and we're recovering 40 million dollars to 400,000 Iowan consumers.// I'm proud of the bank mortgage settlement where I was at the lead of the AGs with the federal government. We recovered over 40 million dollars in homeowners' benefits for Iowa homeowners," said Miller.