Copper Thieves Hit More Than 10 Farm Irrigation Systems

You might call it a new "field of opportunity" for cooper thieves.

They've recently been stripping the metal from irrigation rigs.

The copper is valuable because it's used in so many items, from fiber optics to plumbing to anything electrical.

And now area sheriff's and farmers are on alert.

Up to nine fields in Union County and several in Woodbury County have been hit by thieves who've stripped the copper wiring from farm irrigation systems.

Authorities fear that's just the tip of the iceberg and they're urging farmers to be vigilant.

"I believe there's probably more irrigation systems out there that maybe the farmers don't even know that have been hit. So we're asking our farmers out there to go check their irrigation systems and let us know if they've been hit and if the wires been stolen off of them," said Sheriff Dan Limoges of Union County, S.D.

Officials need your help in stopping the crimes.

A cash reward may be available for information on the crimes or the people responsible.

To report any activity or incidents you can call the local crime stoppers hotline at 712-258- TIPS (8477) or contact your local authorities. OR