Could Fewer Polling Places Create Voting Problems in Sioux City?

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill proposed a plan that would cut the number of polling places in Sioux City from 28 to 4. It would save the city 5,000 dollars each election cycle, still many say it would keep some people from voting.

A few people showed up today to voice their opinions to the City council. Stephen Babe says two of the main concerns are accessibility and wait time.

Babe says, worst case scenario, if everyone showed up to their polling place to vote instead of voting early or using absentee ballots the lines could be daunting.

"There's 60 thousand eligible voters and if we're telling them they can only vote at 4 or 6 or 15 spots in town. The lower the amount of number there is the more likely there is going to be a lot of people there and what that's going to do is get people deciding in their head that 'hey I may not want to vote at all' and secondly 'I may not trust the absentee ballot system' which I assure every body is always safe to do then they are just not going to vote during these city elections," says Babe.

Sioux City council member, Rhonda Capron says the proposed plan of 4 to 6 polling places is not a reasonable number and anticipates it will go up once the council votes.

"People just have to understand that we want to do the right thing for the most amount of people. To me voting is a privilege and you should take advantage of it. I myself would like to see all the precincts you can go to any of them to vote," says Capron.

The final decision will come down to the Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill who was out of town and unavailable for comment.