Council Candidates Face Voters in Public Forum

In less than three weeks, Sioux City voters will head to the polls to decide which six of eight candidates will move on in the race for a City Council seat.

Tonight, the League of Women Voters hosted a forum to help voters make their decision.

An open dialogue happened this evening between the public and eight people looking to represent them next year as members of the City Council.

Hopefuls like retired police Captain Pete Groetken talked about the ideal candidate for the new City Manager.

"We really need to take a look at an individual who will be a good ambassador for the City, who will meet with citizen groups, who will be a good listener, who be a good problem solver," Groetken said.

Incumbent Councilman Keith Radig responded to concerns for safety and traffic after the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino next summer.

"Obviously it's nice to be in a downtown location right out front of our police station. You know, that's their job, they're going to have enforce that and they'll do a good job of it," said Radig.

The question and answer session lasted 2 hours, giving candidates a tough interview for the job.

For several voters, this forum serves as an open stage not only to hear the candidates prepared statements, but also to present their own concerns and hear what the candidates plan to do about it.

"In the democratic process, voters need to be informed about the candidates about the issues, and that's the only way that we can make an informed vote," said Pat Hammerstorm, Co-President of the League of Women Voters.

If you'd like to learn more about the candidates, we have our one-on-one interviews with each of the contenders plus exclusive interviews from tonight's forum here.

The primary election for City Council is set for October 8th. OR