Council Candidates: Jim France & Chris Baltushis

There's less than a month before Sioux Citians will narrow down the list of candidates for the city council.
With both Councilmen John Fitch and Tom Padgett stepping down, the field is wide open amongst several candidates to win your vote.
In the past few week's we've interviewed 6 of the 8 candidates.
And we conclude our interviews with the final two: Jim France and Chris Baltushis.
Retired executive Jim France believes his 3 decades of experience will help grow Sioux City.

"I think it's important for us to make good decisions based not on the--just being stable or flat or losing revenue but instead that we are going to continue to grow and use these opportunities to actually improve the conditions that we have here in Sioux City," said France. Fellow candidate, Chris Baltushis, like France, believes economic development is key.
"There's no industry in this town-- or there is but it's not enough. There's just a big lack thereof industry. We need the industry. There's too many people out there with a retail state of mind. There's a lot of expensive buildings the city's paid for -for retail development that are empty. That money could have been spent on something else to provide better jobs for better people," said Baltushis.
While these two men may agree on one platform, they each say they have other ideas to advance this city: for France that includes public safety measures and for Baltushis it's keeping young professionals here at home.
But, before they can set their own agendas, they'll have to square off with each other and 6 other people campaigning for these same positions.
The 8 people who have filed to run for the City Council are incumbent Keith Radig, Maria Rundquist, Dan Moore, Pete Groetken, Doug Batchellor, Thomas Venesky, Jim France and Chris Baltushis.
There will be a primary election October 8th.
The top six move on to the general election in November.
If you'd like to learn more about the candidates, Thursday, September 19th, the League of Women Voters will hold a council candidate forum.
It starts at 7:00 p.m. at city hall. OR