Council Candidates Tell You Why You Should Vote for Them

In less than 3 weeks, voters will go to the polls to decide who will move on to the general election for a seat on the Sioux City Council.

6 of the 8 candidates move on to the November general election.
All 8 of them spoke one-on-one with Siouxland News to answer one critical question.
Before yesterday's public forum, where they sat in the seats they hope to fill, we asked each candidate: In a few words why should people vote for you?

Here's what they said.

Maria Rundquist: "My education. Listening and critical skills as well as my extensive knowledge of community issues through active participation." Chris Baltushis: "Cause I believe I can make sound decisions on bringing industry back to this town. I think we need to focus more on that than we do the retail. Like I said yesterday, we've got entirely too many empty spaces not being utilized." Doug Batcheller: "I've got a proven record of leadership in this community. I've served on the school board for 13 years, done a lot of public service. I think we've made a lot of progress on the school district side and I'd like to continue that work on the city council side." Pete Groetken "I have a great deal of experience in the city's budgets, in capital improvement programs, as well as, supervising employees and my involvement in the department in community policing and strategic planning, I think, goes hand in hand well with Council activities." Dan Moore: "The citizens of Sioux City should vote for me because of my experience and proven leadership. I'm familiar with city government... serving on planning and zoning commission for 25 year and as a real estate lawyer. I've been very familiar with city government." Jim France: "I have over 30 year of experience in management leadership. I've been involved in both manufacturing as well as non profit organizations and so I have a wide range of experiences in those areas. My main experience has been in human resource management for those areas, and I believe I can bring an important part to the process of hiring a city manager." Keith Radig (Incumbent): "I've proven myself as a councilman to the taxpayer that I will look out for them I will keep a sharp eye on the budget and I will not vote for a budget that includes a property tax increase and I think that accountability is very important for political leaders." Thomas Venesky: "I feel that I'm the best candidate for the job because I've been through the system. I know what Sioux City needs and I feel that I can work with City Council and the other members of the city leaders to get Sioux City to fill it's potential."
You can cast your first vote for three of these candidates on October 8th for the primary elections.
Additionally, you can find more information and hear more interviews from the candidates here:
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