Counterfeit Chaos: High Speed Chase Through Sioux City

(SIOUX CITY, IA / NORTH SIOUX CITY, SD) A high speed chase, sirens wailing, cash flying out of a window and a crash.

Hollywood? No it happened right here in the metro area last night. Three suspected counterfeiters are now in custody but not without putting up a big fight.

"From a quiet little neighborhood to a wild car chase. He [my husband] just said they did not just hit my truck. I said they hit your truck!"

Flora Maldonado witnessed the dramatic ending to this high speed car chase when a speeding truck smashed into her husband's pick-up.

Flora had a bird's eye view from the front window of her home and when she heard the police sirens she peeked out.

"I said what is there a wild car chase and he's like I guess so. I looked out the window and I see the lights the truck and the lights coming and I said there really is a car chase," says Maldonado, a witness to the car chase.

A scene straight out of an action movie that all began in North Sioux City. Police say they were investigating the production of fake money.

Monday night, they pulled over a truck full of people they believe were involved but instead of stopping the truck took off. The three suspects sped down I-29 throwing counterfeit money out the windows. The chase twisted and turned down the narrow streets of Riverside and ended up at West 18th and West Street.

Phill Henry watched as three people barreled down the road almost crashing into his aunt's house.

"He was going pretty fast. He barely put on the brakes. Like I said if there hadn't been a cop sitting there on the corner he would have came up on our yard," says Henry, who witnessed the car chase.

Luckily after hitting Flora's husband's pick-up and running over a spike strip the truck finally stopped and officers moved in.

"It can be scary. It is a relief when it's over. It's a relief not only for ourselves but we don't want to jeopardize anyone in the public either," says Officer Chad Sheehan, with the Sioux City Police Department.

Police say drivers need to keep their eyes and ears open behind the wheel.

"Unforeseen things can happen at a moments notice and if you're distracted on your cell phone, if you're distracted doing something in your vehicle and you miss those warnings you could get yourself into a situation that can be dangerous," says Sheehan.

One officer was injured in the chase when the suspect put his car into reverse and slammed into the patrol car.

Police arrested Brandon Miller, Shaun Wakefield and Alison Daugherty and all three are behind bars.

They each face a laundry list of charges:

27-year-old Brandon Miller: 3 counts of forgery, two counts of assault on a police officer, one count of felony eluding, speeding, operating without a registration, reckless driving, leaving the scene of a personal injury accident and a stop sign violation.

21-year-old Shaun Wakefield: 1 count of forgery

21-year-old Alison Daugherty: 2 counts of forgery