Crescent Park Community Meets; Neighbors Raise Concerns About Recent Shooting

A series of deadly shootings on Sioux City's West Side, the latest this past weekend, has people gathering to look for a solution and a safer environment.

The Crescent Park community met with the Sioux City Neighborhood Network and the police department Thursday night, in hopes of building its own neighborhood watch coalition.

Neighbors who attended had a lot to say about the recent shootings. "We call, we call a lot. That's how you get the information, but now there's a point where we can only do so much," said one passionate Crescent Park resident. Fellow neighbors asked officials why the violence had escalated in their own backyard and if the department was investigating their previous calls and concerns. "All complaints are taken seriously and we were acting on this house. It's just unfortunate you know, you can't predict the future," said Police Chief Doug Young. "The only thing I can do is let them know that we're out there doing our job." Network Neighborhood President Rick Arnold said he knows officers are doing their part and now it's time for neighbors to partner with the department to help fight these crimes.
The next meeting for the Crescent Park neighborhood is set for February 27th at 6 p.m.
The location is yet to be decided.
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