Curbside Glass Recycling Comes to an End in Sioux City

The bottom line is the city says the costs and problems with recycling glass are outweighing the benefit.

Among the problems are that glass has to be separated by color.

And glass breaks easily, which contaminates the other items Sioux City citizens can recycle like plastic and paper.

So a different approach to recycling may be underway.

Long gone are the days of curb-side glass recycling.

"We determined that the way we're recycling now is probably not the best way. It's getting crushed and mixed with the other recycled material and is actually devaluing the rest of the recycled materials," said Terry Glade, president of Sioux City's Environmental Advisory Board.

So what exactly does this decision mean for you?

With this new measure officials are hoping that citizens like you will come to centers like these where you'll be able to give in your glass bottles and in return receive cash value.

But its not just cash for bottles, it's glass in general and by doing this, the city anticipates a decrease in garbage cost and the contamination of other recycled materials.

The board also notes this could mean an increase in the usage of bottle deposit services throughout the city.

"We have no limit as long as long as they're all Iowa," said Kellie Sturges.

Kellie Sturges, Manager of SCK, sees customers flock in with their plastic and bottles every day.

She thinks the change can keep the environment healthy and business booming, that's if people bring in their glass, otherwise, it's going elsewhere.

"A lot of it is gonna go into the dump," said Sturges.

Which is not something the city wants to see happen.

"It was a long hard decision for us to take glass out of the single stream recycling we don't want people to throw glass away," said Glade.

To prevent this, officials will be determining several sites that will accept glass recycled materials.

The city council will be voting on the new measure Monday.

If it's is approved, the change will take place this month.