Cycling Community Aids Injured Rider

(OMAHA, NE) The Nebraska cycling community is coming together to support a man was who was injured while riding his bike last week in preparation for RAGBRAI, the yearly bike ride across Iowa.

Thomas Burbach was riding his bike on May 20th around 10 p.m. Caring for twin boys and working two jobs, it was the only time he could train. Burbach doesn't know exactly what happened in the moments before a car slammed into him on L Street in Omaha.

He had no idea if the car saw his flashing lights or why the car left the scene right way. Police have made no arrests from the few details Burbach and witnesses provided.

Burbach's injuries were to his leg, resulting in a metal plate surgically implanted into his leg. Although he was not wearing a helmet, he didn't suffer any head injuries or internal injuries. Doctors say with time in the hospital and physical therapy he is expected to recover.

Burbach told the Omaha Herald that he is lucky to be alive, and his sister Angela Burbach says she is not angry toward the driver and will not hold a grudge.

Burbach has received donations from other cyclist to help pay his medical bills. Carlos Morales, the City of Omaha's bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, says the group has grown considerably in recent years and comes together when another is involved in an accident.