Dads and Daughters Make it A Night to Remember at Date Night

Some dads and their daughters put on their dancing shoes and hit the dance floor Tuesday night.

The 17th Annual Daddy Daughter Date Night took place at the Long Lines Family Recreational Center.

Parents and kids got together for the Hollywood-themed party, filled with all types of glamour from the arts and crafts to the red carpet and the photo booth.

Eric Griffith of the Parks and Recreational department says the City is happy to host this event and watch generations of families come together every year.

"When I was younger, I had friends that came to this and now, I'm seeing them now a little bit older, they're actually bringing their kids to this. It's a great event every year; we have ages all the way from five all the way up to, you know, adult to almost senior age," said Griffith.

Dads and daughters we spoke with couldn't agree more.

They said date night was the perfect time to make new memories and appreciate each other.

"Um he's really funny and he's an artist and I love that and I want to be an artist," said Brooklynn Wauhob of her date for the night.

Dad quickly and proudly responded, "That's awesome."

"It meant so much to her and this is our first time doing something this big," said dad Brooklyn Bradford, who just couldn't believe how dolled up his daughter Adrianna was. In fact, he told Siouxland News, he was nervous to see her growing up into a young woman so fast.

And for one dad, he said there's no mistaking where his daughter, Jacie, lies in the household.

"Definitely daddy's little girl, just looking for some bonding time, time to spend together and I don't know, find stuff we like to do together," said Chad Camerer.

The Parks and Recreational Department said moms and sons shouldn't feel too left.

The mother- son superhero-themed date night is next month on March 11th from 5:30p.m. until 8:00p.m. at the Long Lines Family Recreational Center.

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