Dakota City Deals With Boil Water Alert

For the second time in three days, folks in Dakota City had a problem with their water. Dakota City officials say it was the same line that broke Saturday, but a different cause this time.

This problem was not related to Saturday's issue and caused by a leaky transmission line. Workers arrived quickly to ensure the leak was repaired by the end of the day.

"Everybody got on-site as soon as possible. We evaluated the situation, got the water and everything out of the hole. We found out that the main transmission line sprung a leak this time. So everything we did on Saturday did hold," said Dakota City City Administrator Brent Clark.

A boil advisory is currently in effect for the area and will remain until later this week.

"Everybody inside Dakota City limits as well as Dakota County rural water. They do still have water currently but they're still under the boil advisory because their water does come from our plants," said Clark.

City officials say that this leak was caused by old age and was not related to the weather.

The water is back on for all customers as of Monday afternoon, but you still need to boil it.

City officials suggest making sure you have a good boil for at least a minute before you use that water for drinking or cooking.