Dakota City Hosts Benefit Circus

There's no clowning around when it comes to Dakota City's Fire and Rescue teams, except when the circus comes to town for a benefit.

The Culpepper and Merriweather Big Top Circus was in Dakota City for one night only tonight.

This event is extra special because a percentage of the proceeds will go to the Dakota City Fire and Rescue team.

This circus thrives in smaller communities where its able to establish lasting relationships, rather than just pack up and leave overnight.

"Throughout the entire tour we've been partnering up with Chamber of Commerce's in towns that we've been going to and finding ways that we can benefit them. What charities do they need, what is it going on in this specific community that we can address as a traveling troop of people going through the area," explained Nathan Holguin, a clown with the Culpepper and Merriweather circus.

Even though it helps small towns, this is no small circus. It has a little something for everyone.

"A young lady who ties a beret into her hair, into some rigging, and they pull her twenty feet into the air. Her brother does what's called a rola bola act. He stacks tubes on top of each other. That's a structure about 11 feet in the air. He's standing on top of that and the whole thing's wiggling underneath him like this. A trapeze act. A liberty act with a giant draft horse and miniature pony. A group unicycle number. Two golden tabby tigers and the star of our show, a black-maned African lion named Francis," Holguin said.

The Dakota City event was one night only, but the circus isn't packing up and leaving Siouxland.

There are several more nights of entertainment lined up around the area, including Akron on Wednesday.