Dakota Co. Courthouse Closed After Weekend Rain Damage

Saturday night's heavy rains caused their own problems. One place that was hit hard is the Dakota County Courthouse, which was closed for cleanup today. The carpets were soaked, and ceiling panels destroyed, leaving a big clean-up job ahead. "You know... as far as cost it's hard to say. There are still some areas that are leaking. As far as time wise, I know when I got word last night I didn't think it was going to be that bad... but it's much worse," said Dakota County Commissioner Scott Love.The storm that tore through the Midwest on Saturday night caused significant damage to the area... especially to the older part of the Dakota County Courthouse. A blockage on the roof kept the water from draining properly, and in some areas it got knee high. The water even found its way into computer keyboards.The courthouse was closed for the day and tomorrow's status remains up in the air. "We'll be closed today and I'm assuming... I wouldn't hold our breath about being open tomorrow. There's a lot of clean-up to do," said Love.As of Monday afternoon, contractors still hadn't found the cause for the lack of drainage on the roof. Workers feared the exact same problem could occur after Monday's storms, potentially causing the courthouse to be closed again Tuesday.