Dakota PC Warehouse of Siouxland Announces New Partnership

Dakota PC warehouse is a local business operated right in the heart of Siouxland. They specialize in computer and electronic repairs and sales.

While already having a big presence in the area, some big changes are on the way for the company. "We have a large retail presence in the area but what a lot of people might now know is that we actually have a national and international footprint. We do a lot of sales online to corporations," said Owner Bob Burnett.

I stopped by Dakota PC Warehouse in South Sioux City earlier today and a major announcement was made--one that's going to help grow the company.

Dakota PC is merging with the company Proxybid and the hope is that they can both benefit each other.

"Well, the bigger the better. What we felt was that a partnership with Proxybid would give us the marketing horsepower. A national and even international footprint we couldn't attain on our own in the near future. It allowed us to leapfrog to a new level," said Burnett.

For the loyal customers of Dakota PC Warehouse, there's nothing to fear. This is just going to make your lives easier.

"The biggest thing they're now going to see from Proxybid is a much more prominent presence in online marketplaces. We sell heavily through Amazon, Ebay and through our own website. We'll be bringing new deals and bigger deals to people," said Burnett.

So, the next time you buy a Vizeo TV on Ebay or Amazon, you might just be benefiting the local economy right here in Siouxland.