Day Two: Onawa Murder Trial

(ONAWA, IA) The prosecution rests its case in the trial of an Onawa, Iowa, mother accused of drowning her 15-month-old son in the bathtub.

Ashley Cameron is charged with first degree murder and child endangerment. Her lawyer says there's no denying the child endangerment since Cameron left her two children in the bathtub alone. But she's not a killer.

25-year-old Ashley Cameron showed little to no emotion with her head down she peered at paper work for most of the time but her attorney continues to profess her innocence to the accusations of murder.

Prosecutors began the day by calling their remaining witnesses Darin Specketer, one of the police officers that first responded to the incident testified the timeline of Cameron's story didn't add up to what he saw at her house.

He says Cameron told him she had grabbed both kids out of the bathtub and then called the police.

"If she scooped them up out of the tub I believe she would have had to get some water on her as well, as having a fresh wet child on you, you would have had some water marks on your sweatshirt as well as your sleeves. (and did she?) I didn't observe any no," says Officer Specketer.

Haylee Simpson, a friend of Cameron's took the stand as well telling the judge what Cameron told her and her dad days after her son's funeral. Simpson testified Cameron said Markis was throwing up and fell backwards into the water.

"My dad asked her what was going on and how she was doing and she told us its bull, the police records and all that stuff and he was puking so she did this motion and said all I did was put his head under the faucet for 5-6 seconds," says Simpson.

In fact, another witness claimed the same thing.

"She walked me through the hallway and into the bathroom and showed me how she had Markis in a cradled position in the bathtub and she didn't physically put the water on but then had placed his face and mouth under the cold water spigot," says Chontal Rol, with the Iowa Department of Human Resources.

She told the judge that Cameron told her she did this 5 to 6 times until he turned blue.
But the defense says that's not how he died and none of the witnesses could say otherwise.

Rachel Pinkelman spent time with Cameron's three year old daughter, Abigail after the drowning and says her behavior was disturbing.

"She said Markis F*f**ked up, he threw up. (sorry did I hear you right? Markis F*f**ked up. He Threw up?) Yes. (What did you do when you heard this statement?) I was shocked. I didn't say anything," says Pinkelman.

The judge said he would not take the testimony about Cameron's daughter into consideration when he makes his final decision. It's still unclear whether Abigail was in the bathtub or not but some witnesses have said Cameron told them she was, others don't know.

The Defense also called its witnesses to the stand including a psychiatrist from Sioux City who says he believes Ashley Cameron showed signs of Autism. They also called Cameron's sister to the stand.

The trial resumes tThursday morning with defense witnesses taking the stand. Ashley Cameron waived her right to a jury trial. That means the judge will decide her fate.
The trial is expected to wrap up no later than Friday but the verdict could take several weeks.