Delta Airlines to Cut Service in Sioux City

Sioux City may lose its only air carrier, as Delta Airlines has told the Department of Transportation that the company can't afford to keep serving Siouxland unless the federal government plans to help.

Delta Airlines says a weak economy and lower seat demand is forcing the company to reduce flights in communities like Sioux City.

All of the company's turboprop planes and some of its 50-seat jets are being pulled from service this fall. The company says planes leave Sioux Gateway with an average of only 51.4% of their seats full.

With the looming threat of losing air service altogether, officials actually don't see this as a bad thing

"Discussions have been ongoing. We're looking at this as just another opportunity for people to take a look at the market, see the potential for a lot of growth, and you know we want to support Delta, we want to work with Delta as much as possible, work with our congressional representatives to help them if they can get the EAS subsidy to help cover cost for the service, that would be a good thing, but at the same time we're also looking at what other potentials are for added service to the market," says Sioux Gateway Airport Director Curt Miller.