Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Promises New Future

The first official candidate in the 2014 Iowa Governor's race made his first visit to western Iowa today. Democratic candidate Tyler Olson's made his first stop in Sioux City.

Until last month, Olson was the head of the Democratic party in Iowa.

He stepped down from that job to run for the state's top job.

Today, at Western Iowa Tech supporters and fellow politicians endorsed Democratic candidate Tyler Olson and his plan for Iowa for the next 30 years.

"Sometimes you need new eyes to look at things and I really believe that he has those eyes to look into the future and to guide us to where we need to be,"said Peggy Rosfjord, Woodbury County's Democratic Party Chair.

State Representative Chris Hall (D.) added that Olson is, "Not only somebody that brings integrity to the table but also somebody that also has a lot of vision of where the state should be heading."

Olson, who has served three terms in the state house, has been relatively unopposed in his political career, and now will face new challenges.

He says he's up to the task.

"But, I think more than about the past, the race is about the future and a discussion about where Iowa is headed. I think we need economic policy that isn't totally focused on landing the big fish but focused on a skilled work forces and small and main street business," said State Rep. Tyler Olson (D.).

Olson's stop here in Sioux City begins the political campaign season for 2014, not only for the governorship but as well for the senate seats around the region. For Olson he thinks he has what it take to become Iowa's next governor.

"Well, my passion is Iowa. I was born and raised here and I'm a 6th generation Iowan and really feel connected to the people here," said Olson. "I want to lend my voice in order to help move the state that I love move forward."

Olson's focus on the next 30 years isn't an accident - Republican Terry Branstad began his first term as governor 30 years ago.

Branstad hasn't announced whether he's running for re-election, although he is raising money.