Dig It! Fun With Reading

Kids off from school got a fun dose of encouragement to read at the Sioux City Public Library Thursday afternoon.

Reid Miller travels across the Midwest to share stories through music, puppets, and acting in order to get kids excited about reading. His success comes from his own experiences as a struggling young reader. He found that by not reading directly from a book, but rather acting it out and bringing the story to life, kids could really take in more elements of the story.

This is especially important during the summertime when most kids aren't continuing to read in between school sessions. "If I show you the book and set the book down, and then tell you the story. All the nuances of language, all the words in the story have the greater potential for more sort of connections with something thematically in the story," Reid says. "And you may check out books on each one of those things. So you wind up going home with more to read, and more fun to have, and more information and more power to gain from the reading of those books."

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