Double Homicide, One Critically Injured; Suspect In Custody

A shooting early Friday morning on the West Side of Sioux City has left two dead and two people injured, one of them critically.

It unfolded shortly before midnight in the 500 block of west 27th street, about a block away from Crescent Elementary School.

Police and paramedics found a woman dead at the scene. And one of three men taken to the hospital later died. Another is now charged with double murder.

Officials have identified the suspect in this morning's murders. According to police, witnesses identified 26-year-old Juan Antonio Nino-Estrada.
He's now in custody as the suspect in these multiple crimes.
Nino-Estrada is charged with 2 counts of 1st degree murder and 1 count of attempted murder. He appeared in court today in a wheelchair, after being released from Mercy Medical Center for a gun shot wound to his right leg.
Authorities say late at night, things escalated in the home, where several people, including 2 children, were staying. "This incident is believed to have started with a physical altercation between the suspect and one of the victim's and then escalated into a shooting. We also believe that drugs were involved in this incident," said Police Chief Doug Young. Witnesses say they're not surprised that it happened at that house.
One neighbor we spoke with today says there have been several issues and police are no strangers to the house. "For the last couple years, there's been just domestic disputes, violence-just going on in the house. There's been multiple squad cars coming to the house. There's been like 7 calls this year just to that residence," said Mike Patterson, a neighbor. One man, who was stabbed and shot, survived those wounds and remains in critical condition.
Nino-Estrada's bond is set at $ 2 million dollars.
His preliminary hearing is set for November 18th.
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