Down But Not Out: Muskies Believe They Can Win Series

For a team that's just one game away from elimination, the Sioux City Musketeers are pretty upbeat, and for good reason!If you look at the Muskies series against Waterloo, they really haven't been out played. Five on five, Sioux City is actually outscoring Waterloo, 3-1. Even without Kyle Hayton, they've got a more than capable backup in Collin Olson.So the sky isn't exactly falling for the Muskies and if they can capture a win tomorrow night, all of a sudden the pressure shifts to Waterloo.And like you saw Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Kings came back from an 0-3 hole to beat San Jose 4-3.So if they can do it, why not the Muskies? "That's what coach brought up in the locker room to us today," said Jared Thomas, the Musketeers' forward who has one goal and five assists in the playoffs. "It just shows that momentum can change with one win and you can get the train rolling. All it takes is one and that's all we need right now is one win on Friday to keep it going." "All the guys have confidence in our team," said Blake Heinrich, the Musketeers' defenseman who has assisted on two goals in the playoffs. "Coach always says it's the first team to three and both of us haven't gotten to three yet. So we just have to be disciplined on Friday and stay out of the penalty box and work hard and hopefully force a game four." "Our backs are against the wall," said Trevor Olson, the Musketeers' captain. "All we can do is go up from here. It's do or die for us and I think we're going to do." Game Three is set for 7:05 this Friday at the Tyson. If the Musketeers win, Game Four will be Sunday at 7:05 also at the Tyson..