Down The Road: Heritage Village and Sioux County Fair

Preserving history is important. And in Sioux Center they've come up with a unique way of remembering the past when the first settlers moved in.Times have changed since the turn of 18th century when Sioux Center, Iowa was first settled. We now have cell-phones and computers and we get our produce from the grocery store-but that wasn't always the case. "We have the sod hut over in the northeast corner and it's hard to imagine the grueling times that our ancestors went through. We can see the changes that have happened over the years. The garden is a prime example. If you ask the kids where they got carrots or potatoes from, they'd say the grocery store. Where did it come from before that? They don't know. So, we show them in the garden that they're grown in the ground and we have to dig them up. Somebody went through a lot of work before it got to your dinner plate," said Dennis Hoekstra, Heritage Village Board Member.

"The Heritage Village is a part of history and located right in the heart of Sioux Center. It offers a chance for young people to learn about past generations,"said Joe Bisaccia of Siouxland News.

Over the past 20-years or so, those involved with Heritage Village have collected living pieces of history in the surrounding area, such as a house, store and barn all preserved from that period of time.

Hoekstra said that it's both important and rewarding to see the looks on all the school children's faces when they visit.

"We're preserving part of history and watch the future generations with grandma and grandpa and show them what it was like. It's like a piece of history comes alive," said Hoekstra.

It's for that very reason that folks like Dennis keep volunteering their time to these living pieces of history. Now, Heritage Village is right at the Sioux County Fairgrounds, which is pretty handy for folks wanting to take in the fair that's just getting underway. The Fair kicks off Saturday and runs through Thursday. Saturday, the Northwest Iowa Horse Show begins at 9.The 4-H cow-calf show is at noon.At 1 is the 4-H dog show.2pm is the Open Beef Show.And perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the fair is at 4pm Saturday, the county - city council mud volley ball contest. Then Sunday at 5:30 is the Queen and Little Miss Coronation.