Down the Road Le Mars: Frosty Cross

A leisurely stroll on the bike path is always a nice time, but in Le Mars there are a growing number of folks who are taking it much more seriously. Frosty Cross is a two day event over the Thanksgiving weekend that's sort of like a steeple chase for competitive bikers. It has doubled in size every race, with up to 115 competitors last year. "As a sanctioned race we've been able to pull some very high end athletes who have participated in national championships and world championships," said Bike Central's Mark Strub Bike Central in Le Mars is a four year old business that has grown along with the community's younger generation. Strub said, "Being in the bike business we were having people coming in with their kids looking for a BMX bike and it's like where do they have to go to ride this thing?" That interest in BMX biking spurred the city to create a BMX track. But for those who prefer a smoother ride, starting in late March there's a "mini Ragbrai" every Tuesday night at six that starts at the bike shop, drawing dozens of people come rain or shine. "We canceled it one time in three years and that was last spring when we got that snow in May," said Strub. "We figure you know if they're closing school may be shouldn't be riding a bicycle."