Down the Road - Sergeant Bluff: Parks and Recreation

I'm here at Kiwanis Park as we go Down the Road to Sergeant Bluff, Iowa. This is a town that's experienced a lot of population growth over the past few years, and this is just one of the many amenities the town has to offer. Once it's completed, Kiwanis Park will only add to the many acres of recreation facilities in Sergeant Bluff. "Sergeant Bluff has about 30 or 40 acres of park area," said Parks & Recreation Director Brent Brown. "We have the recreation complex that takes up most of that space. We're just in the process of building a brand new park over on 1st street called Kiwanis Park. That's going to be a 6 acre park right there." The town has even more to offer than parks. They also have a beautiful community pool and state of the art little-league and softball complex.Youth baseball and softball participation has grown so much that big improvements to the complex are coming, too. "Right now, we've had a big boom with our population over the past 10-years. We're seeing another big increase right now. So our city council, in the past and in the present, has done a great job of staying ahead of that. We noticed this year a big increase in our little league and softball programs. So, the city's looking at helping those two-leagues put up some ball field lights. We'd like to have them up by next spring so we can use them," said Brown. If the recent past is any indication, folks have a lot to be excited about for the future of Sgt. Bluff's community Amenities.