Down the Road - Sergeant Bluff: Unique Eatery

Almost every community has one of those unique places that could easily be featured on the Food Networks, "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives." And Sergeant Bluff has one too. Welcome to the Taco Dome. The dome is bound to make newcomers stop and look, but for the locals it's a destination for some of Alicia Tillery's home cooking, Mexican style. It runs in the family. The Texas born Tillery's mother and brother run the Navaretti's restaurants on highway 75 and in Riverside. She struck out on her own about 14 years ago. And four years ago she bought the place. She says the "surroundings" take getting used to for some customers, "they look around and like 'Wow this is a lot bigger than I thought. And you can tell who the new ones are. They're like, their eyes are just rolling and looking all over the place." The dome was actually a home that was built in the early 80's and sat about where the Best Buy Store is today. KMEG's own Pete Iverson grew up there. He says the living room is now the restaurant's dining room. The master bedroom was upstairs, and the kitchen is pretty much the same. Now, the Food Network's Guy Fieri hasn't eaten here yet. But one of his friends has. So who knows about the future? The Taco Dome is open Monday through Friday