Down The Road: Sioux Center Amenities and Sioux Center Health

We're heading down the road to Sioux Center, Iowa.

Unlike a lot of communities, Sioux Center has consistently grown in recent years, to a population of more than seven - thousand.

Having good jobs and schools are certain important for any town. But having nice places for recreation and entertainment are important too.

Siouxland News Reporter Joe Bisaccia visited some of the best amenities Sioux Center has to offer.

Just behind the view of this beautiful golf course is a convention center right in the heart of Sioux Center, Iowa.It's named the Terrace View Event Center and it's pretty much brand new.

"The event center itself is in its third year of operation and primarily used for wedding receptions and parties and family reunions. So far, it's been a very successful endeavor," said Mayor, Dennis Walstra. The building has spacious event rooms and we even got them to set up a few tables for us. And this event center is hardly the only thing the city of Sioux Center has to offer.

"We're here in Sioux Center, Iowa for another edition of our summer series, "Down the Road." Where we started earlier you saw some bike trails... and they lead from the Ridge Golf Course all the way to the other end of town at the All Seasons Center," Said Joe Bisaccia of Siouxland News.

"Well, we started our original trail system out to Sandy Hollow about 20-years ago," said City Manager, Paul Clousing. Between the golf course, events center and bike paths, folks have a lot to choose from. But the bike paths are the one amenity that stands out from the rest.

"Well, it's been a great amenity. It's been one of the things we've done that people have really appreciated in the community. And so, when you come out here after work, you see a lot of people that are either biking or walking or walking their dogs. It's really a nice community asset," said Clousing.

These are just a few of the amenities that make Sioux Center a vibrant and expanding community. Sioux Center Health has been helping serve the community of Sioux Center for more than 63 years. And in May it moved into a new facility in the heart of town.Joe took a look at how it's impacted local health care.The town of Sioux Center has seen a lot of growth of the past decade and their old hospital started to run out of room for patients.

"Sioux Center Health has been serving the community for 63-years and in May they moved into this brand new hospital. So, I decided to check it out," said Joe Bisaccia of Siouxland News.

For hospital administrators like Kayleen Lee, it's been great to see everything come together.

"It has worked well, we have a great team of people that have really dedicated a lot of time and effort in or to get us relocated. And so, we really didn't miss any operations as far as the transition of care," said Lee.

The hospital provides patients with many new amenities, including spacious rooms, a secluded chapel and peaceful healing environment.

"It's really been overwhelming, the positive comments that have come back on the new facility. They love the view, they have large windows and many of the areas we have natural lighting. It's quite different, we really have strived to create a healing environment and from our feedback... that's what we've done," said Lee.

With innovative practices and that healing environment, Sioux Center Health looks forward to serving their community for many more years to come.