Down the Road Sioux Center: Couple's Home Shows Devotion

To those of us who know Siouxland, it comes as no surprise that northwest Iowa is a bastion of conservative politics and Christian beliefs. Now one Sioux Center couple is taking those principles to what you might call "new heights."Russell and Geneva Wichers have made their message very clear, "In God We Trust."So clear that it is easy to see it on the roof of their home, which sits next to highway 75 and from blocks away.The Wichers built the home 16 years ago after retiring as dairy farmers. Hail storms damaged the roof, and Russell says he saw a home near Dune that had a cross and Jesus on it.So they worked with a contractor to come up with an idea of black on silver shingles that immediately caught a lot of attention.Russell Wichers said, "The first day we got it we weren't even done yet and a grandson from Sioux Falls calls, 'what are you doing to your house?' He was coming down here. He drives for Slumberland. He seen it from two blocks away."Pictures of the home have hit Facebook and other social media, and even captured the attention of the area's newspapers.Geneva says so far everyone has been very positive about the message they've chosen to deliver, "I think it's great. We get phone calls. We get comments downtown. Where'd you get that idea?"It took Vision Builders of Sioux Center about two days to install the roof.For more coverage here is a look at a couple of the stories we will bring tomorrow as we continue our trip "Down The Road" to Sioux Center, Iowa.Siouxland News Reporter Joe Bisaccia will give us a tour of some of the great amenities the town of Sioux Center has to offers, and we'll take a tour of the new hospital, Sioux Center Health, and the great services it now provides the community.That will be on Siouxland News tomorrow at five, nine, and ten.