Down the Road Sioux Center: Local Christian School Builds For the Future

A good education system plays an important role in the success of any community. Sioux Center not only has Dordt College and the public school system, but a Christian school that's making some big improvements this summer. The Sioux Center Christian School continues to see significant growth in its student population. Because of that the school decided it was time to expand the building. So far they've raised four and a half million of their five million dollar goal. Principal Harlan Harlan De Vries says everyone involved is very excited to see the finished product. "Yeah," De Vries says, "the city of Sioux Center has been growing as time goes on and we're experiencing some of that growth within our own school, as well. In fact, we have gained about 100 students in the last 5 years. For some of the larger schools that would not be real significant, but for us it is." The new addition will include 10 new classrooms, 2 new music rooms and administrative offices. The hope is that the project will be done in time for the start of school in the fall of 2015. This isn't the only major project taking place in Sioux Center. Tomorrow will show you millions of dollars in renovations and additions that are taking place at the public high school, and nearby Dordt College. As well as an early childhood development center that's supposed to open this coming January. And some of the most unique jewelry you'll ever find, thanks to a little company in Sioux Center that is helping women in Haiti and Mexico get out of a life of poverty. While the Sioux County Fair officially starts Saturday and runs through Thursday the 17th, there are a couple of fair related events Friday: The clothing judging takes place from 1 until 4 at the Centre Mall. The Clothing Event Fashion show is being held from 6:30 until 8 at the mall. Saturday, the Northwest Iowa Horse Show begins at 9. The 4H cow-calf show is at noon. The 4H dog show starts at 1. 2pm is the Open Beef Show. And perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the fair is at 4pm Saturday, the county-city council mud volley ball contest. Then Sunday at 5:30 is the Queen and Little Miss Coronation.