Down the Road: Tulip Festival Historians

History is a big part of the Tulip Festival... and an Orange City couple has sort of become the "unofficial" historians of the event. Don and Nelva Schreur have a home full of everything from pottery that features Dutch scenes, to photos, articles, scrap books and boxes going all the way back to the first tulip festival in 1936.There's even a tulip festival license plate that was once used on the front of car when you only had to have an official state plate on the back.Nelva always enjoyed scrap booking. But it took on a bigger role sometime during the 1950's. "Some people realized I was doing this and they would drop off whatever they had, photos preferably you know. And it mushroomed," said Nelva Schreur.The couple also have a pair of Dutch figure cut-outs Don's father made. If you're not Dutch, well at least you can look the part. Don, a former long-time city administrator says it's been a fun hobby for the couple. "We never collected with the idea in mind that this was going to be retirement income or what the value would be after we had it for money years. It was a fun thing that we liked to do together," said Don Schreur.Don's dad was the long time John Deere dealer in Orange City, and Don has also continued on the tradition of collecting John Deere items that have come out over the years.