Downtown Favorite Named Sioux City's 1st Blue Zones Restaurant

A well known Siouxland eatery has become the very first to qualify as a Blue Zones restaurant in Sioux City.

Jitters, perhaps best known for its donuts and coffees, recently met the requirements to become Blue Zone certified.

Despite the donuts, several of the café's soups and wraps were already healthy. They're homemade with fresh veggies and ingredients. Some of the other criteria Jitters met included using smaller plates to encourage smaller portions, using "to-go" boxes, and easily accessible self-serve water.

They've also added more information on fat and sodium content.

The café's owner says Jitters wasn't too far from being certified to begin with.

"It's kind of funny because we are known as a donut shop... so people find it ironic that we're the first to be designated but we do so much more," said Jitters owner Sarah Kragthorpe. "We're thrilled to be one of those places that people can go and I really hope other restaurants get on board. There's a lot of people that do things very similar to the way that we do. And with just a little bit of work they can be right on board with the program."

As for the donuts, they're sticking around. Blue Zones isn't about taking away items, but making it easier for people to have healthy options.