Dreamers Confront Steve King In Okoboji

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) was confronted by two dreamers during his fundraiser in Okoboji, Iowa. The confrontation was recorded by a cell phone camera and uploaded to YouTube on Monday. In the video you can see Erika Andiola tell King that she is a Dreamer originally from Mexico but was brought to the United States by her mother when she was 11. Rand Paul is also in the video for a short time before he quickly gets up and walks away from the conversation. Andiola hands her DACA identification and tells King that if he really wants to get rid of the program he can start with hers. Andiola goes on to tell King that she is a graduate from Arizona State University and has a BA in Psychology. Later in the conversation, King goes on to say "it really saddens me when people are brought into this country by their parents or they come on their own and they would violate American laws." Andiola continues to tell King to take her card and he then replies "You keep your card, I don't do individual policy I do national policy for everyone." Watch the entire conversation to see how it culminates.