"Cookie Flagger" Hands Out Treats to Ease Construction Blues

(MONDAMIN, IA) Her nickname is the "Cookie Flagger". Theresa Venz is paid to direct traffic and let people know how long their wait time is for a pilot car to guide them through construction areas across Iowa.

But she's going the extra mile - using her own money to give a special treat to drivers.


Theresa Venz really enjoys her job.

"You're welcome," Venz screams to a driver as she passes by.

Which may seem surprising since she's out all day directing traffic in construction zones - not the ideal place most of us want to be.

"Some people are just not very happy cause they are always hitting construction, construction, construction. And so sometimes somebody needs a little boost every now and then," she said.

Ain't that the truth and that boost of happiness - well it comes from a bag of Oreos of course.

"Gotta hurry up! They want some cookies," she yells as she runs to grab a few Oreos.

So it's really no wonder how she got her nickname the Cookie Flagger.

"I always either pass out cookies or hard candy or something just to boost their day, boost their smile and make them have a better day and a better wait," she said.

She hands the treats across Iowa wherever she happens to be at the time.

"I've always been that way, always been giving so it's just my nature to give," she said.

And her giving has certainly done its job on people here in the small town of Mondamin, Iowa.

"It's the first time it's ever happened. I was kind of of shocked. Should of told her when we're coming back, cause I hope she has some more," said one driver.

"It'd be better with ice cream but it's good enough," said another driver.

Good enough for smiles all around.