Dude, it's Beef! Governors Support BPI's Lean Finely Textured Beef

Governors from across the country, and officials from the USDA came to Siouxland Thursday to show support for BPI.

All of those people really had one thing to say, "Dude, it's beef!"

There was a huge showing of support Thursday.

Testimonies from the USDA, BPI going over the process that makes the lean, finely textured beef, and governors from Texas to Iowa all trying to put nay-sayers to rest.

"It's beef but it's leaner beef, which is better for you. You don't get it,"said Iowa Governor Terry Branstad to ABC News reporter Jim Avila at a press conference in South Sioux City, Nebraska on Thursday.

Those words set the tone for the entire conference, as governors from across the country stood up for Beef Products, Incorporated and its lean finely textured beef.

"For over 20 years I am proud to say I and my family have been eating it," said Gov. Branstad.

The group toured BPI's plant in South Sioux, the only one of four still in operation because of the recent social and national media storm over the company's lean finely textured beef.

Those governors call that storm a misinformation campaign, that nearly brought a company to its knees.

"The questions we all have to ask ourselves is," said Texas Governor Rick Perry. "What industry is not vulnerable to this type of fast spreading misinformation campaign?"

"We've got to move very quickly to try to turn this around," said Gov. Branstad.

From free samples of burgers to a sort of campaign slogan, that's what the gubernatorial group set out to do.

Officials calling on USDA officials and stressing that lean, finely textured beef has earned the a seal of approval as a safe product.

All pointing out what could happen if LFTB disappears from store shelves.

"You're going to drive up the cost of lean ground beef and the price differential between it and a higher fat ground beef is going to be larger," said Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. "And people are probably going to say I'll buy the cheaper one here when that's not what you want people to do."

"We take this off the market then we end up with a fatter product that's going to cost more and is going to increase the obesity problem in this country," said Branstad. "It doesn't make any sense and its not caused any problems in terms of health."

Governors rallying behind a Siouxland company and its main product: lean, finely textured beef.

"I hope that 'dude it's beef' catches on," said Gov. Brownback. "Because that's what it is, dude it's beef."

Governor Branstad says he plans on writing to every superintendent of schools in the state of Iowa to urge them to keep lean, finely textured beef" in those school lunchrooms.