Eagle Creek Software Services to Add 200 Jobs in Vermillion

(VERMILLION, SD) It's a big boost for the job market in Vermillion, South Dakota. About 200 new jobs will be coming to the community.

A company called Eagle Creek is teaming up with the University of South Dakota on a 10 million dollar project and statewide, 1,000 jobs will be created.

The idea to expand the Eagle Creek Software Services Came up a few months ago and Now, it's officially becoming a reality with the help of an important partnership.

Let's face it - technology is growing so quickly these days it's hard to keep up. That's why Eagle Creek Software Services helps businesses in the ever-changing software industry.

"Technology is becoming more and more in today's world and technology is a fundamental platform as to how we do business both social and economic. There's a market demand out there for U.S. based services. It's been building since 2009 and right now its building fairly rapidly," says Ken Behrendt, the President of Eagle Creek Software Services.

And that means the need for more employees becomes essential. In Vermillion, 200 jobs will be created.

"Our jobs in South Dakota are going to pay anywhere from 40,000 to 115,000 dollars a year. That's great economic development for the state and for the community," says Behrendt

And those numbers caught the attention of Governor Dennis Daugaard.

"Most of the expansion of jobs in South Dakota comes from businesses that are already here and so in touring around and visiting companies we did run in to one persistent problem and that was workforce training needs. We had a lot of openings. We had a lot of people looking for jobs but they didn't intersect," says Dennis Daugaard, South Dakota Governor.

Enter the University of South Dakota where it will offer a new program that trains college students for the work ahead.

"They know there's opportunities out there, you see a lot of people, a lot of students who are very good in technology but don't really have an avenue or vehicle to get in there," says Behrendt. "And I think this is a great place to get it. Even if they don't stay with Eagle Creek because careers change I think we'll provide them skill sets and experience that they can take any place in the United states."

Eagle Creek offers a scholarship that pays for all 12 credit hours required for the training program. Classes will be offered starting this fall but the technology center won't be open until 2014.

If you are interested in apply to the IT Consultant Academy just visit