Eating Cotton Balls to Lose Weight?

(SIOUX CITY, IA) It's a new diet trend that sounds too bizarre to be true -- eating cotton balls to lose weight.

You-tube videos of young girls eating cotton balls. After they drench the cotton balls in a liquid, they eat them. It takes awhile to chew then swallow the cotton balls.

When we asked people about the diet, their answers were of disbelief.

"Umm, it's really strange. I wonder how far you can go with it."

Your teen probably already knows about this extreme trend of dipping cotton balls into orange juice because it's also all over facebook and twitter.

"Why wouldn't you just eat some food, then go exercise?"

As you can imagine, the health risks for eating cotton balls are quite lengthy.

"They're not getting nutrients potentially setting themselves up for malnutrition," said Marta Wright, a Dietician.

Marta wright says the cotton balls are being used to feel full without any calories

"It's a real diet that models especially are using right now," said Wright.

Wright says a lot of models think the cotton balls have fiber but she says it's the wrong kind and it will eventually put your body into starvation made.

"Other problem is they could have bowel blockages," said Wright.

And, the most disturbing part...

"What's that teaching younger kids that, hey you should eat cotton balls?"