Electric Car Promises Low Costs for South Sioux City

Gas prices continue to increase nationally as summer traveling hits an all-time high.

But in South Sioux City, local leaders have found an alternative to that. It's a 100% electric car that costs only $300 a year to fuel.

The new electric car is an effort by the city to go green and encourage Siouxlanders to do the same.

The city says the Nissan Leaf is a cost effective way to save not only on the price of gas, but to take advantage of Nebraska's not-for-profit, state-run utility, which provides Nebraskans with the lowest electric rates of all 50 states.

Hit the on button, change gears, and go. It's as easy as that when driving South Sioux City's new electric car.

One city employee agrees and benefits daily from driving the car.

"For one, it's nice that you don't have to put gas in it. It has all the bells and whistles I guess. It has the navigation system and heated seats and it's got everything in it you want in a normal car," said Tyler Bohn, South Sioux City Communications Specialist.

While people can't drive the city's car, they can fuel up at the charging station.

Officials hope that knowing these benefits and seeing an electric car in town will encourage people to get one of their own.

"The City of South Sioux City sells electricity and we think it's important for us to have an electric car in the community to show how it runs-- how it operates and show how it can save in terms of gasoline use within our community," says City Administrator Lance Hedquist.

Another big push for the electric car is its maintenance and low cost in comparison to gasoline-fueled cars.

City officials estimate you'll be saving at least $1000 per year, but you'll also be making an impact on the environment.

With studies showing gas likely to increase to $4 per gallon by the end of the summer, city leaders hope that other drivers will soon use electric cars and make the leap.

South Sioux City will continue its investment in electric cars. It plans to get several more of these cars and add at least two other charging stations for electric vehicles.