Facebook Graph Search: What Does It Mean for You?

Facebook is at it again. It's launching a new feature called Graph Search, which makes it easier than ever to find information - even pictures - of just about anyone on Facebook.

We live in a technological world that's ever-changing. And when it comes to Facebook, it's hard to keep up. Your privacy? Forget about it.

"Everything you put out on Facebook or twitter or any social media, anywhere on the Internet really, its public domain. Its not really as hidden as you think it is," said Briar Cliff University Web Content Developer Michael Brauer.

Brauer says you should know that by now, but with the new Facebook Graph Search, something you "Liked" 3 years ago could magically pop up today.

If you searched "Friends Who Like Pizza Hut", anyone on your friends list who has liked that company pops up!

Here's where it gets interesting: you can search for pictures of friends of friends, and people you don't even know will pop up, making it quick and easy to find total strangers.

That's one reason Nancy Uhl has never signed up.

"That's one of the things that I don't like about Facebook, because if something were to happen and I have to go job search after 26 years I don't want some other potential employer be able to see things out there that might somehow cause them to misinterpret who I am or what I am about," Uhl said.

Brauer says social media is a useful tool for young adults who are job hunting.

"Companies are craving people who know how to do that. So if they go on a Facebook search or a Twitter search and they can't find you when they're in the employment process, that's going to be a red flag, like well, maybe they're hiding something."

He says just be smart.

"Why not make your Facebook an electronic portfolio for yourself. Make yourself marketable by only sharing things that you would want people to know on Facebook," Brauer said.

The bottom line: be extra careful when your friends "tag" you in posts or pictures. Those photos will automatically be visible to all of your friends, and might be visible to anyone on the Internet.

Brauer says that's just one reason making your profile private is a lot of work.

"For you to hide information on yourself, and make it only visible to some people, I think it's possible, but you'd have to spend every waking hour making sure your security is on the perfect setting on your Facebook account because it's always changing."