Federal Regulations Challenge Truck Drivers

Sitting for hours behind the wheel, café food, and caffeine often a staple of their diet. There's a reason why truck driver's have to undergo periodic health screenings. But now a new federal law will standardize that process for commercial truck drivers in an effort to protect them and other drivers. But at least some of them aren't happy about it."I don't see much problem with what they got currently. They just don't need to make it any tougher," said Thomsen.But federal regulators say some states just don't go far enough to make sure that commercial drivers are healthy and don't pose a danger to others on the road."Now what this law set out to do was create a universal standard for required physicals, but the challenges for truck drivers is only a handful of health professionals in Sioux City are actually certified," said Joe Bisaccia of Siouxland News."I think that unfortunately, some truck drivers will be contacting providers and not realize that they aren't certified or taken the applicable training," said PickSt. Lukes will start doing those physicals May 21st. Meanwhile, with the trucking industry unable to find enough drivers, Thomsen thinks this could mean even more trouble."I think it's gunna make it a little tougher for the drivers and there's gunna be less and less drivers all the time because they're getting too stringent on it," said Thomsen