Feeling Lucky? Wishing to Win Mega Millions

By now you've probably checked your Mega Millions ticket, and if you're a winner we're guessing you have a few ideas on how you could spend those $640 million.

Are you going to pay off your bills? Maybe go on a permanent vacation? You could afford to do or buy just about anything with that kind of money, but would you ever consider visiting your lawyer first?

If you're not careful becoming a millionaire could lead to a multi-million dollar headache.

"Mega Millions? Okay," said cashier Angela Tanner Friday.

That was the question at the Pump ' N Pak on Floyd Boulevard in Sioux City, cashiers were selling Mega Millions ticket after Mega Millions ticket.

"Since I've been at work today, we've been really busy," said Tanner. "We've sold almost about $1,500, if not more, dollars in Mega Millions."

After rolling around 18 times without a winner the estimated Mega Millions jackpot Friday was a world record breaking $640 million.

"Don't get all excited go cash it in until you've had a chance to talk to some professionals. Attorneys tax accountants and so forth," said Leon Jessen, a Tax Partner, with King, Reinsch, Prosser & Co., L.L.P.

You had the choice of taking the cash option of $462 million, but if you take 26 annual payments of $24 million each and you'd pay less in taxes.

"Hopefully you win this and you keep it and don't end up losing because of some bad judgment," said Jessen.

So, what would Siouxland do with that cash?

"Life would become easier," said Jessen.

"First thing I'd do is pay off all my bills, then I'd go buy me a Harley-Davidson," said one Mega Millions player Friday.

"I would take a vacation, me and my two kids, and actually I would donate a lot of it to charity," said Tanner.

Folks all over Siouxland were hoping they were the one.