Fire at Storage Shed Near Port Neal Exit

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Officials were called out to a fire at a storage shed owned by a farmer late Sunday night just north of the port Neal Exit off I29.

The fire was so large, Fire fighters from at least 3 different departments were dispatched including Salix, Sergeant Bluff and the 185th.

Firefighters were out in full force starting at about 11 o'clock Sunday evening. When officials got to the scene, the fire was so large that they couldn't even go inside. A big reason for not entering was because officials were worried about the roof collapsing.

"The ceiling is to the point where anything could collapse at any time. We are doing some overhaul on the outside of the structure. There was a small trailer on the outside, we're peeling stuff back and getting to those hotspots," said Derek Standfield, a Volunteer Fire Fighter for the City of Salix.

Firefighters battled the fire from the outside, but they got it under control. Fire Officials will wait until daylight before they venture in. That's also once the building is safe enough to do so.

There were no injuries or danger to the public.