Iowa Food Banks Likely to Receive State Funding

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - More state funding could help more Iowans put food on the table. Governor Branstad says he's "much more likely to approve" state money for the Iowa's food banks this year.

There's one million dollars available, but food banks would have to raise that same amount privately in order to get the full payout.
The Food Bank of Siouxland would receive $75,000 of that money. That gives them nearly four and half more truck loads of food this year.
"With demand being so significantly high and food costs being what they are it's really a tough battle. So having the state support stepping up to make sure that we're in a little bit better position it just makes us a little stronger and better," said Food Bank of Siouxland Executive Director Linda Scheid.
Gov. Branstad has not approved the funding yet. He has until June 22 to make a decision.