Former Sioux City High Schools Celebrate 40th Reunion

A lot of people come back to Siouxland to celebrate the 4th of July, Mardis Gras and Saturday in the Park.

But this year there's another reason for some of them to come back.

This weekend is also the 40th reunion for the Class of 1973 from East, North and West High Schools in Sioux City.

And tonight some of the graduates from North and West gathered to catch up and talk over old times.

They gathered at the Mid American Air Museum near the airport, to get a glimpse at Sioux City aviation history and their history as the last classes at the old Central, Riverside, and Leeds High Schools, which closed in the spring of '72.

Three new high schools were opened that fall: West, North, and East.

The decision to build three high schools at once caught national attention.

Some former students say one of the hardest things about going to a new school was losing the memories and friends of the old one.

"It was very hard when you go to school with all your classmates and then you spilt and you lose your best fiends in your senior year that was the hardest on everybody it was so that a lot of them didn't even go to school after that," said Kathy Donaldson.

Even with those sore memories, the Class of '73 is moving forward and they're happy once again to be reuniting.

"It's been fun and its great having everybody back together again after ten years," said Patti Tieck Barber.

The fun continues tomorrow for the alums. There will be a tour of the old Central High School and a gathering at Whispering Creek Golf Course.

An interesting piece of relevant history: when East, West and North were built in 1972, it cost nearly $14 million total. The cost to build the new Spalding Park Elementary which just opened last August was $17 million.