Friends Mourn Death Of Sioux City Teen

A Sioux City teenager is dead after being thrown from the back of a pickup truck in a weekend accident.

It's been tough for Alexi Vaul's friends, but the teen's school is helping them, and other students, deal with the loss.

"She is just an awesome person in general," said sophomore Lynnzee Johnson, one of Alexi's friends.

Lynnzee, along with a group of girls, are talking a best friend they'll never see again.

Alexi Vaul, a 15-year-old, was killed on August 25th.

At around 8:30 that night Alexi was riding in the bed of a pickup in Dakota Dunes.

The truck hit a curb and Alexi was thrown from the back, she died from her injuries.

Alexi was a sophomore at Sioux City's North High School, now the school's offering counseling sessions and hoping the parents of students who knew Alexi watch their children and help them through a difficult time.

"Watch for anxiety, watch for students who withdraw," said North High School Counselor Jeaneite Lorenz. "They might not be able to sleep, their eating habits change, their study habits change, grades fall, all those are signs of depression and anxiety."

But for now, Alexi's friends will remember the good times they had with a best friend.

"She's really random so she made everyone laugh all the time," said Justice Motley, another of Alexi's friends. "She listened, she was always there for everyone, she listened to you all the time."

If you want to help out Alexi's family, you can do so by donating to help pay for funeral costs.

Just stop by any Telco Triad location in Sioux City, and make sure to donate the money to the "Memorial Fund for Alexi Vaul."