Gausman Says Westboro "Won't Be Allowed" on East Campus

The Westboro Baptist Church is planning on holding a public demonstration next Monday at East High School and City Hall.

Sioux City School District officials have no plans to cancel classes or allow protesting members onto school grounds or surrounding areas.

Superintendent Paul Gausman says that policy will apply to both the Westboro group and private citizens protesting.

"No events of that nature may disrupt the school and because school is going on at that time- it's very clear in case that -right before and right after school plays into that school day that gives us not only the opportunity but the obligation to make certain that nothing disturbs the educational process," Gausman said.

The school district hopes this serves as a model and continuation of their anti-bullying campaign against all hateful actions.

Officials plan to respect the rights of any protesting members, but will put the safety and education of students first.

Westboro members plan to protest the recent appointment of Scott Raasch to the city's Human Rights Commission.