Getting Ready for the Winter Storm Ahead

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Old Man Winter has been pretty kind to Siouxland with milder temperatures this season.

But Thursday he's doing what he does best: giving us one more taste of winter.

The question is are you ready?

You may not be excited a snow storm is on its way and you may not be prepared. So, here are a few tips to get you ready.

You could be waking up to a few inches of snow Thursday.

"Everybody knows you need the snow shovels, the ice melt and the snow blowers to dig out but the biggest thing is safety first," says Lisa Nordstrom, a Seasonal Specialist at Bomgaars.

Keeping yourself warm, stocking up on jackets, gloves, hats and possibly even some hand warmers.

"Cover as much of your body as you can, your face and everything. Go outside in short intermit times, don't try to go out for two or three hours. Go out for a half hour and go in and get warm. Make sure you eat plenty of food because food heats up your body from inside," says Nordstrom.

But that's only scraping the surface.

"Make sure if you're traveling that you call ahead, let people know the route that you are taking. So, if something happens and you break down they know where to begin to start looking for you. Car batteries, you want to make sure your cars up to tune and working great," she says.

Bomgaars has its snow blowers on sale, but there are only 36 left and Nordstrom says the seasonal department could sell out.

"We have had actually crowds of people waiting for us to assemble snow blowers and we can't even get them out of the receiving door and they're grabbing them out of our hands," she says.

That's exactly why Joseph Young bought his now.

"Sometimes people get tired of back breaking with the shovel. It's a lot to dig. I used to do it. It hurts your back so do it the easy way," says Joseph Young, a resident of Sioux City.

"I am a winter person and I love snow so for me this is exciting because I really love to see the snow, see the kids out there at the parks sliding and sledding around and things like that. Yea there's a lot of work to a storm but the fun comes after," says Nordstrom.

And another friendly tip, keep your animals safe. Take them in and keep them warm.