Gill Hauling Company Wants City to Waive $50,000 Fee

The company that picks up trash and recycling for Sioux City wants to take money back from taxpayers.

Siouxland News Reporter Beairshelle Edmé spoke with officials about what a yes could mean for you, the viewer.
This request comes just weeks after the Council worked with city officials to eliminate a $2.7 million budget deficit.

Now, this request could put the city back another $50,000.

Gill Hauling believes its operational costs this year is causing financial hardship.
Under its contract with the city, Gill pays $50,000 a year to reimburse the city for the cost of administering the trash and recycling pickup.
But this request isn't the first time.
Back in 2011, the garbage collection company presented the same request and it was granted.
Public Works Director Jade Dundas said now it's up to the council if the City can again cover this loss. "Ehh, you know, water operates as an enterprise fund, sewers operate as an enterprise, and garbage is an enterprise fund so that means the money it cost to operate those funds is collected through the user fees and so, eh, it, but with that said it's always an impact, whatever changes are made," said the director.
Dundas also noted there shouldn't be any immediate effects felt by taxpayers if Council members approve this request in two weeks when they revisit the topic.
But the City would have to find $50,00 elsewhere in the budget to cut.
Currently, homeowners pay just more than $15 for trash and recycling collection.
Siouxland News will check back on this developing story and have the latest for you in upcoming weeks.
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