Glass Recycling Will Stay As Is

(SIOUX CITY, IA) It passed two votes of the City Council twice but the third time wasn't a charm for getting rid of curb side glass recycling. The idea was halted last week after the Mayor said he wanted more information on the idea Gill Hauling was proposing.

But now Gill Hauling says curb-side glass pick up will stay as is.

Old habits die hard but when convenience is taken away the habit to lets say recycle glass may disappear quite quickly - that's because change is thrown into the mix.

"We tend to have a little anxiety about change, so this represented a little change. I think it's a good thing that we're not having to make a significant change," said Jade Dundas, the Public Works Director for Sioux City.

The change Gill Hauling and the city were coming to terms with was getting rid of curb-side glass recycling all together and forcing you to haul it to one of 4 redemption centers.

Right now if you recycle, you probably have a trash can and either a small recycle bin or a big one but the problem Gill Hauling was having was that all the recyclables were being mixed in together.

One of the reasons, Gill was hauling it to Omaha. But even the facility there was having a problem fishing out the glass and recycling it separately. Now that facility has added a new line to do just that.

"They have established a relationship with I believe, Ripple Glass, the same group we were working with to take that glass and use it as it was presented in a recent First Star study session. The brown glass goes from recycling into Boulevard beer bottles and the other mixed glass goes into fiber glass production," said Dundas.

The proposal was scheduled to go before the city council September 9th - it will now be taken off the agenda.

Now that the glass debate has been settled, Sioux City wants to encourage more people to be environmentally friendly and will be launching a campaign to get you to create new habits.