GM's Corner: High School Basketball/BIG 12 Championships

As everyone knows we carry the High School Boys Basketball Championships each year in March.{} The schedule for this year's games is below:


Thursday, March 13, 2014{}Carried on in Sioux City10:30am1A Semi-finalThis44.212:15pm1A Semi-finalThis44.22:00pm2A Semi-finalThis44.23:45pm2A Semi-finalThis44.26:35pm3A Semi-finalThis44.28:15pm3A Semi-finalThis44.2{}{}{}Friday, March 14, 2014{}{}1:30pm4A Semi-finalThis44.23:15pm4A Semi-finalThis44.26:05pm1A Championship finalKPTH/FOX 448:05pm2A Championship finalKPTH/FOX 44{}{}{}Saturday, March 15, 2014{}{}6:05pm3A Championship finalKPTH/FOX 448:05pm4A Championship finalKPTH/FOX 44


2014 Phillips 66 Big 12 Men's Basketball ChampionshipSprint Center, Kansas City

First Round -{}Wednesday,{}March 12

No. 8 Oklahoma State vs Texas TechGame #1 6:00pm -{}KPTH2 - THIS/MyNET

No. 7 Baylor vs No. 10 TCUGame #2 8:30pm -{}KPTH2 - THIS/MyNET

Quarterfinals -{}Thursday,{}March 13

The following two games will be tape delayed for High School Basketball - neither game will involve Iowa State.

No. 2 Oklahoma vs Game #2 WinnerGame 5 10:00 p.m. -{}KPTH2 - THIS/MyNET

No. 3 Texas vs West VirginiaGame 6 12:30 a.m. -{}KPTH2 - THIS/MyNET

Semifinals -{}Friday,{}March 14

Teams TBDGame 7 6:00 p.m. -{}KPTH2 - THIS/MyNET

Teams TBDGame 8 8:30 p.m. -{}KPTH2 - THIS/MyNET

Our commitment to High School sports is unwavering; however Iowa State happens to have a VERY good basketball team this year.{} The schedule for the Big 12 Conference Tournament above has not given us the Quarterfinal game involving Iowa State, therefore we will air High School Basketball live on THIS/MyNET 44.2 on Thursday March 13th and tape delay the Big 12 games on that same channel.

All High School games will air live on Friday the 14th - the daytime games on KPTH2 THIS/MyNET and the 1A and 2A Championship games on KPTH FOX44.{} The Big 12 Tournament games scheduled for Friday evening on the 14th will air live on THIS/MyNET 44.2.

This decision was extremely difficult because whichever way we go we disappoint some viewers.{}{} While disappointing viewers is the last thing we want to do unfortunately in this case we have no choice.{} A decision had to be made.

I know some of you will disagree and be disappointed and I will make every effort to ensure we do not run into this problem next year.

Steve ScollardGeneral Manager

To receive KPTH 44.2 THIS/MyNet you can either get it over the air with a digital antenna or on most of your local cable systems.{} Please check with your cable provider.{} It is also carried on DirectTV on channel 45; however DISH does not carry the station.

If you have any questions please contact us at 712-277-3554.