GM's Corner: High School Football Championships

It is that time of year again, so as we approach the High School Football playoffs and Championships, I wanted to let everyone how it will work this year. Beginning on November 14th we will carry the following games on our THIS/MyNet station (channel 44.2):

DATEDAYGAMETIME11/14/13Thursday8 player semi-finals9am11/14/13Thursday8 player semi-finals12NOON11/14/13Thursday3A semi-finals5:30PM11/14/13Thursday3A semi-finals8PM (8:15PM KICK-OFF)11/15/13FridayClass A semi-finals10am11/15/13FridayClass A semi-finals1pm11/15/13FridayClass 4A semi-finals4pm11/15/13FridayClass 4A semi-finals7pm11/16/13SaturdayClass 1A semi-finals10am11/16/13SaturdayClass 1A semi-finals1pm11/16/13SaturdayClass 2A semi-finals4pm11/16/13SaturdayClass 2A semi-finals7PM

We will then carry ALL the Championship games on KPTH/FOX 44 beginning on Thursday 11/21/13 on the following schedule:

DATEDAYGAMETIME11/21/13Thursday8 Player Championship10am11/21/13ThursdayClass A Championship1:30pm11/21/13ThursdayClass 3A Championship7pm11/22/13FridayClass 1A Championship11am11/22/13FridayClass 2A Championship2pm11/22/13FridayClass 4A Championship7pm

To receive KPTH 44.2 THIS/MyNet you can either get it over the air with a digital antenna or on most of your local cable systems. Please check with your cable provider. It is also carried on DirectTV on channel 45; however DISH does not carry the station.

We look forward to bringing you the excitement of the High School Football Championships and if you have any questions please contact us at 712-277-3554.