Good Question: Cleaning-Up The Floyd River: Who's Responsible?

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - It's been two years since the Missouri River flooded, but it wasn't the only body of water that overflowed. We had a viewer ask a good question.

"Who is responsible to clean up the Floyd River? It was very attractive before the flood, but is such an eyesore now."
Here's the answer: Mark Baker and his son Caleb were fishing along the Floyd River Monday for the first time this year. It's a familiar place for them. Just two years ago the landscape looked a little different. "River was way up high - right up to the top of the berm over there," said Baker. "There used to be rocks going all the way down to the river and up top, too before the flood. Now it's just kind of dirty down here looking." Along the river near Dace Avenue you can see a brush of weeds. It's a bit of a mess, but that will change over time and without the city's help. "We could have applied for funding through FEMA to remove the material, but it also requires we dispose of it in a proper fashion. And that was kind of difficult and ultimately we wouldn't have recouped all the funding necessary to do that," said Sioux City Public Works Director Jade Dundas. It would cost Sioux City alone hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean-up the Floyd River without FEMA's help. "The other option in this case was to just leave it in the channels and let it naturally be washed away," said Dundas. "My opinion is just let Mother Nature take its course and maybe the weeds will go away by themselves," said Baker. Dundas says he's seen a similar situation along Bacon Creek and up and down Perry Creek. He expects the Floyd River to take longer because it's a bigger body of water and the soil built up *away* from the main flow of the Floyd. "It doesn't have an impact on the channel's ability to function," said Dundas. So that's why the city decided to leave the Floyd alone and let Mother Nature do her job.
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